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BECAUSE OF HIM: A New Blog Experience with Cheyenne Pajardo

Hi Suncheys! Let's dive into what you'll experience here with the "BECAUSE OF HIM" blog. 

First and foremost, hi! :) My name is Cheyenne, and I am SO happy you are here! If you have not already, check out my "About Me" page to read a little bit more about who I am. For the purpose of this blog, you'll only need to know the following: 

#A. I love Jesus. 

#B. I love writing. 

#C. I love writing about Jesus. 

I previously had a blog called "Love Notes" where I discussed every and anything that my heart desired. Jeremiah 17:9 states: The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately sick; who can understand it? 

Jeremiah is correct, but had you told me this back then when I was writing, I'd stick my feet so far into the ground, you'd think I was part of it. When I was writing, I was writing from a very selfish place. One could argue some of my work was completely against Jesus. When I was writing what MY heart desired, it sometimes felt confusing or borderline deceitful. If you're not of Christ and reading this, what I'm saying is probably very confusing. If you are my brother or sister in Christ, chances are you know EXACTLY what I'm talking about because you've been in a similar place. 

Why does Jeremiah say our hearts are deceitful? Why was writing "Love Notes" not of Jesus? Without getting into an entire lesson, the simple answer is: when sin entered the world because of Adam and Eve, all of us became sinful humans. Our hearts, therefore, are polluted with sin. Since our hearts are polluted with sin, we can't trust them nor follow them; they're hardwired to disobey God. Instead, we find all we need in Jesus. The more connected we are with Him, the less we want to sin. So, my "Love Notes" were ultimately not of Christ. Why? Because I said, "MY way," not "Your way, Lord." 

This leads us to the birth of "BECAUSE OF HIM." I'll be doing a longer blog post down the road about my relationship with Jesus and how we got to where we are today. In short, Jesus tapped my shoulder in the summer of 2023 and told me, "Trust Me. It's time." It meant that it was time for me to wake up and come Home. I'm fortunate that I've always known about Jesus, but I did not know Jesus then the way I know Him now. I laugh often about it. Baby me, thinking I knew about Him and that I was "living how He wanted." HA! Baby me had no idea. But now that I know Him, I know that my whole life is surrendered to Him and that I'm living for Him and Him alone. Jesus is SO good and MAN!!!! Do I want to live in that goodness with Him forever. 

Everything I have done since summer of 2023 has been with Christ at the center. I have completely committed to creating only content that glorifies Him and truthfully, I cannot imagine doing anything else. This new blog is not only dedicated to Him and sharing His word, but it's also another way I pray to connect with the community. 

I'm thrilled to have this new blog and platform to keep spreading The Word. Only God knows what and how this will grow, but I'm excited to be on the journey. Better yet, I'm excited that you're here to be on the journey, too! 

I love you, but Jesus loves you more. 


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Proud of you!! 💛☀️P

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