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My Top 10 Favorite Things in California

Uh oh. Here we go again with one of those tourist-y type blog posts about things we love to do in a city that isn't our hometown. But in all honesty, I personally love these kinds of posts because it gives me ideas on where to go/what to see when I visit a new place! So, hopefully this can serve as that for someone who has never been to LA.

Here we go! My top 10 favorite things in California!

1. Disneyland

(This should be an obvious, I think. I must admit that I am a true lover of Disney World, but the original park is just as amazing! The attractions are nice, parades exciting, and the churros! Oh, man!)

2. The Beaches

(You cannot enjoy California without acknowledging how amazing their beaches are. The water is generally very clean. The beaches are well kept, and the waves are killer! My favorite beaches are El Matador, Malibu, & Venice.)

El Matador Beach

3. San Diego

(So, this one is a fairly recent discovery. I went for a few days with my boyfriend, but I immediately fell in love. San Diego is a DREAM! The weather there is always cool because it's so close to the water. The food places in Little Italy are to die for. The San Diego Zoo is everything it says it should be! & the people are relatively pleasant. A must go to!)

4. Dance Studios

(As a dancer, this was a primary reason for me moving out to LA. The dance scene here is AMAZING! There are so many studios, so many locations to partake in the craft, and an entire community who relates on another level. Not to mention that there are so many dance teams to audition for for professional work.)

(EDGE Performing Arts Center, Millennium Dance Complex, Playground...among the most popular places here.)

5. Food Options

(When I tell you there are endless options....I mean endless! You can have authentic Mexican food one night, then a Japanese cuisine. I feel that LA is a melting pot when it comes to food options)

(I can provide a list if you need options!)

6. Museums

(Perhaps it's because LA is a huge city itself, but there are many, many options for museums--free or cost. It's just a matter of what you're in the mood to view that day!)

(A few of my favorites are the Getty, LACMA, Natural History Museum, and the California Science Center.)

7. Santa Monica Pier

(Santa Monica in general is gorgeous...after you survive the 405. The pier is a super cute boardwalk that has lots of carnival like food, a small amusement park, and many little jobs. It sits right on the water & is very close to other food and shopping venues.)

8. Lake Balboa

(If you're a park person who likes to sit and relax while watching ducks swim in the water, this is a perfect place for you! Lake Balboa is a nice and calm park that provides clean air, a playground for children, and a walking trail.)

9. LA Haunted Hayride

(Now, this is a seasonal thing, but definitely worth it! It's located on the same grounds as the Old LA Zoo...super creepy. There are small attractions there, many people dressed in creepy costumes, a hayride that takes you through a trail where things pop out, and live music. DEFINITELY a must attend if you're here during the Spooky Season!)

10. Runyon Canyon

(Trails, trails, trails!! ALLLLLL the walking! There are so many amazing hiking trails for you, but Runyon Canyon may be the best! Make sure you bring water. It gets pretty intense!)

There's so much to love about this state, and truly, the list of things I love could go on. I may write a completely separate #LoveNotes about just the things specific to LA. What do you think? Share this post, comment your favorite things & places, let's discuss!

May your day be ever filled with love, light, and of course, an abundance of chicken tenders💜🌻✨

Cheyenne Pajardo

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