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Top 10 Things to Love in Life.

I'll start by saying like many of my other #LoveNotes, this is entirely opinion based, though I feel that you'll agree with me on several of the points I'm about to make. It's a known fact about me that I struggle with anxiety and depression. I write about the topics often. In my most recent #LoveNotes about the topic, I talk about seasonal depression & how this time of year is usually hard on a lot of people.

With that being said, I've been in sort of a rut these past couple of days. I can explain some of why I felt that way, but in totality, I don't have an explanation. I was just feeling "bleh" & like nothing mattered at all. In retrospect, these feelings could absolutely be because I'm experiencing seasonal depression & just don't want to call it that. When I find myself in these places, I do a lot of work on getting myself out of it. (SN: I used to go to therapy regularly, & I absolutely recommend going! Therapy gave me many coping mechanisms & tools to lessen my anxiety.) I decided that instead of leaning into that negative space, I would think about the things that bring me happiness & light.

Top 10 Things to Love in Life.

1. Waking up.

(It's overlooked nearly always. We sometimes just expect to wake up after we've fallen asleep, but the reality is some don't. The privilege to open our eyes & start again is a treasure.)

2. Breathing fresh air.

(A lot of us work in high-volume fields where we're constantly surrounded by people in close proximity & we're inside a building. It's so refreshing walking outside & being able to breathe the air. Also, since being in California, there's a newfound respect for clean, quality air after all the fires. *keep praying for those who have been impacted.*)

3. Your people.

(Blood-related, not blood-related, extended family, teachers, mentors, bosses, friends, whoever. We all know that our days living are numbered & tomorrow is not promised. Cherish all the moments with the people you consider yours. We don't know when that last moment will be.)

4. Coffee.

(I don't even think I need to explain this one. If you know, you know.)

5. Food.

(This gets its own number because come on. Food is A1! The amount of different foods we can experience is incredible. How can we not love it!?)

6. Museums.

(All of them. Art, space, historical. Learning is such a gift & again, something I think we overlook often. Exploration is a must.)

7. Love.

(I don't know how to explain love in the words that will make you understand how I feel about it. But, I think that's the beauty of love. We all experience it differently. But, it's beautiful...really.)

8. Ice cream.

(Again, has to have it's own number because it's too powerful to get grouped. Science says that ice cream is good for your brain. Who are you to argue with that!?)

9. The little things.

(Random texts from people you miss, having gas in your tank, hugs, words of encouragement, ice cubes for your warm drink, making someone else smile, laughter that starts in your tummy, butterflies from someone you're crushing on, a little kid wanting to play with you because they think you're cool, petting a dog, driving late at night, writing, drawing, dancing, coats to keep you warm, fuzzy socks, colored pens, glasses, someone saying, "I was just thinking about you!" the little things in life matter.)

10. Yourself.

(I know that we hear this all the time. "Love yourself!" But, truly, we need to continue to hear it always. How we perceive the world & those in it starts from our beliefs about ourselves. We aren't perfect as people, but no one is. Our flaws are what make us, us. There was no mistake when we were created, so we have to stop thinking that things are "wrong" with us. We're beautiful masterpieces in our own right, & we need to continue to believe that. We have to be our own hype-man, our own motivator, our own believer! There is no one who will love you like you love you...and that's why it's so important to understand the love you have for yourself.)

Every day is not easy. Every moment is not always happy or pleasant or even beautiful. But, if you give me your hand, I promise I can show you the world in ways others cannot.

May your day be ever filled with love, light, and of course, an abundance of chicken tenders💜🌻✨

Cheyenne Pajardo

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