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Thanksgiving: 28 Things to Be Thankful For

Looking back, this month has been a complete whirlwind. I’ve had some major blessings that I can truly only thank God for. For starters, I sold more copies of my first published book than I thought I would. A lot of people don’t like poetry, so I was nervous about how successful #Chapter23 was going to be. But, I have some pretty dope humans who support me like no other, & for that, I’m BEYOND grateful. I even sold some copies to people I don’t know, & that truly warmed my heart in ways I cannot begin to explain. I live in homes, y’all! That boggles my mind every day. Thank you to those who have purchased, who have shared my book with others, who have given me feedback, & who continue to be on this journey with me. I have so much content to share with you, my hand cannot type fast enough!

I’ve had some success in the audition world, at work, gaining partnerships, & truthfully, in my own personal growth. I wish I could put into words all the happiness & gratitude I feel, but I guess if you know me, you get the idea just a little.

Now, I comment often on people who only post their “highlight reels.” I also mention how much I love & appreciate transparency & honesty, so I’m going to be about my word & mention my “unhighlighted reel.” In a previous #lovenotes, I talked about Seasonal Depression & coping with it. & BOY, have I felt down & in the slumps for majority of this month. I sometimes wonder if that’s why I don’t like November—because I always experience depression during this time of year—but even if it’s not, this month has been difficult. While relationship break-ups can be hard & take its toll, so can friendship break-ups, & I’ve been through two in the span of a few weeks. I wish people weren’t so complicated & complex. But, wishing is mostly pointless…& humans are complex. So, here I am. Two friendships less & honestly very sad about it because I love & value both. It’s difficult when you understand that God removes people at the “right time” because you trust Him, but it doesn’t fix or really even justify the sadness. & while this seems like such a trivial thing to be sad about, relationships are relationship & when you care, you care.

I miss home like crazy, received some news that broke my heart some, got rejected more times than I can keep count of, but in all of that, I’m looking back at this month & just feeling THANKFUL. We gotta keep rolling with the punches, y’all. Keep taking the bad with the good. Keep Trusting. The. Process. Everything is gonna be okay, if it’s not already. I just know it.

28 Things to Be Thankful For

  1. Family who supports, loves & nourishes you.

  2. Friends who make you laugh from your soul.

  3. Appropriate clothing for weather.

  4. A roof over your head & somewhere to lay your head at night.

  5. Work to support you.

  6. Transportation to get you to your destination.

  7. Animals who remind you that life is not as difficult as we make it & love should always be given.

  8. Movies that make you feel things.

  9. The Sun to keep you warm & remind you that there's light in this wicked world.

  10. The Stars to remind you that you can always shine in the dark.

  11. Fresh air to always remind you to breathe.


13. Coffee...because most people aren't kinda before their first cup.

14. Freedom because it's not given to everyone.

15. Children who remind us that being silly, confident, & ourselves is completely & utterly acceptable & always welcomed.

16. Books to continuously nourish our minds & expand our thought processes.

17. Sleep to rejuvenate our mind, bodies, & souls to take on the craziness that is life.

18. Mental stability & a strong mind.

19. Your body that functions to support your entirety.

20. Technology to communicate with loved ones miles away.

21. Access to food so you never go hungry.

22. Water for all the reasons you could possibly think of.

23. Rejection because it builds more resilience than you could ever imagine.

24. Dancing because even if you look silly doing so, you're smiling & experiencing raw happiness.

25. Hugs.

26. The sound of laughter to remind us that we should never take things too seriously.

27. Art.

28. Your life...& every single imperfection that you possess. You get one shot at this. Make the most of it.

I'm thankful for you...& more importantly, I love you.

May your day be ever filled with love, light, and of course, an abundance of chicken tenders💜🌻✨

Cheyenne Pajardo

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