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Sleigh, Queen, Sleigh: Happy December

I've been mulling over what I want this #LoveNotes to consist of, & to be completely transparent, I'm still not sure I got it all the way together. But, sometimes an unconscious stream of thought processes can lead to an incredible something.

I want to save my collective thoughts about 2019 for a later date, as well as save what I hope 2020 will hold...we're just in December, like I need to calm down & appreciate this month before I can start thinking of another. That's the problem with us humans. We're always in a rush & never really appreciative of the moment we're currently standing in. Have I told you how much I dislike human beings sometimes? We're such a great, but equally not great species.

& with that, my Suncheys, I think I've solidified what I'd like to discuss. I'm going to challenge you to be the best version of yourself for the last month of this decade. There are 31 days in December, so it's only right we challenge ourselves each day. Let's think of this as a way to better not only ourselves, but also the people around us; people vibe off energy--if they feel the goodness & wholeness that you are, they'll want to better themselves, too!

31 Challenges for Each Day of December

DAY 1, December 1st

Compliment yourself once every hour.

(this may seem a little ridiculous & maybe obsessive, but a consistent reminder of why you love yourself is SO important & sure to put you in a better mood.)

DAY 2, December 2nd

Pay it forward.

(it's Monday, & we may all be feeling the Monday Blues after this long Thanksgiving weekend. do something for someone else...even if it's small. A little can go a long way.)

DAY 3, December 3rd


(whether it's your brain, your body, or whatever else you can think of, get up & get moving! Exercising ignites those endorphins & trigger a positive feeling.)

Day 4, December 4th

Remind someone you love them.

(if the month of December doesn't remind you of how quickly time flies, I don't know what will. Life is shorter than we can probably imagine. Remind the ones you care about that you care about them.)

Day 5, December 5th

Count the amount of times & the things you've complained about.

(complaining is a healthy & necessary thing that we, as human beings, do. I want you to count the amount of times today you complain...if you can keep track of it. We'll use this for tomorrow's challenge.)

Day 6, December 6th

Choose one of your complaints from yesterday & find a solution.

(I know for me, I complain a lot about well, probably everything. I for sure know I complain about work. I challenged myself to identify what part of work I'm most frustrated about & change my's minor, but it's a start!)

Day 7, December 7th

Catch up on sleep!

(sleeping is SO important & needed to refuel ourselves.)

Day 8, December 8th

Lend a helping hand.

(this can be as simple as answering a question for someone or as major as volunteering somewhere. Choose kindness today!)

Day 9, December 9th

Learn a new word.

(trust me. The bigger your vocabulary, the better the conversations.)

Day 10, December 10th

Let go of the anger you're feeling.

(this one may sound like a little bit of a horoscope...maybe all of these do...but we sometimes hold onto things for longer than we should. If it's bothering you, figure out why, then let it go. For the same reason why it's important to remind someone you love them, it's important to let any negativity go. Life is short.)

Day 11, December 11th

Pick a new book.

(do you know how much literature & knowledge is waiting to be read!? Grab your library card...and if you don't have one, you better get one!...& head over to the checkout lane. Nourish your brain the way you do your body.)

Day 12, December 12th

Plan a hangout with someone you enjoy.

(life gets busy. We know this. Take some time today to reach out to someone you want to spend time with.)

Day 13, December 13th

Have a conversation with someone who doesn't share the same views as you.

(I personally love this challenge because it opens your eyes & doors to a world you've never seen. When doing this, it's important to remember that everyone is entitled to their own opinion & that you don't have to agree with each other. Just be respectful & not defensive.)

Day 14, December 14th

Write your goals for 2020.

(we're almost half way through this month, & a new year is approaching. What are you hoping to get out of 2020? Where do you want to be? What are your goals?)

Day 15, December 15th

Say yes.

(whatever it is, but mostly to things that you'd normally say "no" to, pick the opposite response...who knows. You might overcome a fear you've been holding onto.)

Day 16, December 16th

Write a list of things you are taking into 2020 & a list of things you are leaving behind in 2019.

(I used to do this every year with my siblings on New Years Eve, but I feel that doing it earlier in the month allows more time to really solidify the list. It's a nice purging exercise!)

Day 17, December 17th

Stay off of social media for at least half the day.

(I wanted to say the entirety of the day, but sometimes social media is the only way you can communicate with people...or it's part of your work. Either way, try & cut back on the hours you spend scrolling! It can be such a refreshing thing to just enjoy your surroundings & the people around you.)

Day 18, December 18th

Drink a gallon of water...or double the amount of water you usually drink in a day.

(Most of us are generally dehydrated every day. We don't always realize it, but our bodies do. This challenge is good for not only replenishing your also helps you stay out of drama since you'll be racing to the bathroom more often than not! You're welcome :))

Day 19, December 19th

Say no.

(if you're anything like I am, you have a tendency to not say "no" as often as you should. Say "no" today. Say "no" to anything that disrupts your peace.)

Day 20, December 20th

Throw all your curse words away for the day.

(don't roll your eyes at me! I have so much faith in you that you can survive this whole day without using a single bad word...we're in this together because your girl will be forking struggling.)

Day 21, December 21st

Do something to boost your confidence.

(confidence is a never-ending journey. Even the most confident people experience moments of self-doubt. Whether you choose to wear a shirt you've been contemplating putting on or talking to someone you've been building the courage to talk to...go on & do it! Confidence is such an important trait. We have to continue to build it!)

Day 22, December 22nd

Ask for feedback.

(we tend to see things with a biased eye. Ask someone for perspective so you can see things through a different lens.)

Day 23, December 23rd

Set your goals for the day & FOLLOW THROUGH.

(if you're anything like me, you like your lists & you like to cross the things off that list. Challenge yourself to make a reasonable length to-do list & get it done.)

Day 24, December 24th

Help someone prepare for Christmas.

(this is broad. This could mean volunteering at the soup kitchen, helping mom with baking, making sure gifts are wrapped, or simply just spending time with a loved one. Enjoy the day doing something good!)

Day 25, December 25th

Enjoy time with those you love the most.

(Merry Christmas, Suncheys! sending all my love to you & your loved ones!)

Day 26, December 26th

Get rid of excess things in your living space.

(this is the perfect time to declutter! Go get your bags, fill em up, & donate, donate, donate!)

Day 27, December 27th

Carve out at least 2 minutes of every hour to meditate.

(this may seem difficult at first, but it's going to help you recenter throughout the day! You can & will overcome all the difficulties today....just keep breathing!)

Day 28, December 28th

Support a friend.

(whether they're promoting something they've been working on, they have a show, or they're going through something, be present & show up for them. Remind them that you are there & you will help them through whatever it is they're experiencing.)

Day 29, December 29th

Self-reflection of your year.

(What went well for you? What do you wish you could've done differently? Do you see growth in different areas of your life? Identify & write it down.)

Day 30, December 30th

Remove yourself from negativity.

(tell that girl, "bye!" This is your second to last day of the decade. Make it a priority to stay clear of anything that tries to throw you off your A-game!)

Day 31, December 31st

Tell yourself how proud you are that you've made it to the end of one year & are going to enter a new one.

(we don't give self-praise nearly enough. It's often seen as not humbling, but maaaaan. You did that! You overcame every obstacle set in your path this year. You THRIVED. You should most definitely be proud of yourself...I'm proud of you!)

December is going to be such an incredible month for us...I'm sure of it. I have faith in you! Keep "sleighing," Queen; you're doing amazing!

May your day be ever filled with love, light, and of course, an abundance of chicken tenders💜🌻✨

Cheyenne Pajardo

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