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10 Tips on Self-Care

Admittedly, I love my #LoveNotes around tips for bettering oneself. I, by no means, believe I have all the answers. I do, however, know that I've been successful in my experiences that I continue to give others through my writing. So, why not share what I've learned with y'all!? Maybe there will be a few takeaways that you can use yourself.

Today is #NationalChocolateIcecreamDay! Man, oh, man!! An entire day centered around eating chocolate ice cream!? It was this national holiday that inspired me to write about self-care.For the past couple of months, I feel that everyone has been in the same boat--a boat filled with uncertainty, anxiety, and stress. During times like this, we tend to push ourselves to the back-burners and neglect our needs. Even though we're all in our own homes, our self-care continues to be a priority ranked lower than others. The reality is our self-care, now more than ever, needs to be at the top of the list! We need to prioritize ourselves for once and take care of the vehicle that drives us daily.

10 Tips on Self-Care

1. Eat the ice cream!

(Listen!! Sometimes you have to put the healthy eating and lifestyle on pause because your heart needs and deserves the tastiness that is ice cream. A spoonful is all you need to lift those spirits!)


(We've created this culture that says, "There's no time for sleep! You must keep working! The less sleep you get, the more successful you'll be!" How TOXIC is that thought!? I admit that I fall victim to that far too often. The reality is, your body needs time to rest and reset. Listen to it when it tells you it's running on E. Take that nap! Sleep for a few hours. You need it!)

3. Put your phone down.

(Hi! Yes, guilty of having my phone in my hand 25/8. As great as technology is, it's equally as toxic, in my opinion. Carve out some time during the day to not be on your devices and to be fully present in what is going on around you. We get so sucked into the realm of social media that we forget there is an entire world going on around us. Take the time to detach and recenter.)

4. Meditate.

(If you're someone who has high-functioning anxiety or has anxiety to any degree, this is a good exercise to change your energy. It not only slows down your mind and leaves it feeling more clear, but it also leaves you physically feeling lighter!)

5. Take the day off.

(I'm a HUGE advocate for off days! If you're like me and love working/getting things done on your to-do list, this one may be a little difficult. BUT it is absolutely crucial! You need to take some days off and just be. Your body, mind, and spirit will thank you later!)

6. Make time for those you love.

(This is probably a no brainer, huh? Reality check! We don't always make time for other people because we are "so busy." I'm guilty! Making time for family and friends improves your mood and energy more than you probably know. Carve out the time. Your to-do list can wait!)

7. Positively talk to yourself.

(It is SO EASY to say a bunch of negative things to yourself throughout the day. If you really keep track, you probably say more mean things to yourself than kind things. Talking to yourself more positively not only improves your mood, but it also creates an internal atmosphere that is more pleasant. You are capable of any and all things you put your mind to!)

8. Set realistic goals.

(Us dreamers and believers have a tendency to set goals that are massive. It's usually because we know we can accomplish them, but it's a matter of when. During our day to day lives, we have to set realistic goals that we know will get done in a timely fashion. It is more than okay to have long-term goals, but it is also important to set goals for yourself that are manageable. No need to stress yourself out over something minor!)

9. Reward yourself.

(Reward myself!? What!? Yes!! You do so much in your day to day life. You deserve to treat yourself every now and again. I'm not saying get out of hand with how much you do this...don't go broke trying to reward yourself...but definitely give yourself a little something here and there. You work hard for yourself every single day; the least you can do is treat yourself!)

10. Spend time alone.

(Now, if you're an introvert like me, you probably do this already. Spending time by yourself gives you a chance not only to reset and refill your meter, but it also gives you a chance to just be still and relax. Grab your favorite book or curl up and binge a new Netflix show!)

You only get one chance to be this you. It's your job to make sure that you're treating you correctly!

Eat the ice cream, sleep the sleep, talk the nice talk. As nicely as you treat everyone else, it's your chance to treat yourself just as nicely!

May your day be ever filled with love, light, and of course, an abundance of chicken tenders💜🌻✨

Cheyenne Pajardo

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