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Ready. Set. Goal.

Pun completely intended, I’ve been #2020 #tunnelvision since October, & I’m not letting up! I love surprises, but I am also always excited to share things I’m passionate about with those I care for. So, to find the in between of my very contradicting ways, I’ll just say that I have some very exciting projects that are ever so slowly making their way to light.

My word for 2019 was “FOCUS.” I have a pencil holder sitting at my work station with that word on it that serves as a constant reminder to stay on the path I’ve chosen for myself. I’ll admit that it’s hard sometimes…often times, really…to give my all every, single day in every area of my life. After all, I’m human, & it’s actually unrealistic to give EVERYTHING 100% ALWAYS. But, when you’re a perfectionist, you try to do it anyway…I’m a work in progress. My point is, it’s so important to recenter, regroup & refocus on what you want in life.

I've been asked a lot throughout the years how I manage to juggle everything I do in my life. To be honest, I don't really think about it all that much. I think I've always been good at managing multiple things at one time, & I know myself well enough to know when I cannot realistically add anything else. For me, I work better with a lot going on...mostly it's because I've always worked this way. I think the biggest secret to my success is that I set goals for myself. I set short-term & long-term goals, & I do everything in my power to accomplish them.

Here are my 5 of my best tips for accomplishing your goals!


Real talk. I've made it this far in life because I have extremely strong faith in both God & the timing of my life. It's so easy to get caught up with not being happy with where you stand currently. I definitely get frustrated often, but I remind myself that everything is already worked out in my favor, & I have to continue to do my part because God's working on His end to do His.

2. Set REALISTIC goals.

The realistic part is crucial in this statement. I'm not saying that dreaming big is bad. I'm the last person who would ever say that. What I am saying is that you have to be real with yourself when you're setting your goals & with setting "deadlines" for those goals. Those deadlines don't necessarily have to be hard deadlines, but it's good to hold yourself accountable after you've set them. I choose to do two different lists. Short-Term & Long-Term. This keeps things organized & helps with setting that "deadline."

3. Get out of your way.

I cannot stress this one enough. I definitely know that I struggle with this one simply because I'm my biggest fan, but also my biggest critic. I always ask myself for more when I'm already doing everything I could possibly be doing. I don't give myself a break when needed or give myself the praise I deserve. I'm positive you can relate to at least one of those things. So, when I say, "Get out of your way," I mean that you need to not block the blessings that are coming toward you. You need to trust yourself enough to know that you are doing everything you can possibly do to accomplish what you want to accomplish.

4. Stay positive.

This all goes back to mindset. & if you've ever ready any of my #lovenotes, then you know I'm a HUGE advocate for mental health, stability, & mindset. With that being said, it's SO EASY to start thinking negatively when things aren't going your way or aren't going the way you envisioned it. Your mindset is beyond important when you're trying to accomplish said goals. What you believe is what you will execute & produce, so you have to be in your corner, & you have to be rooting for yourself. It's not always going to be a walk in the park. That's just life. So, take it as it comes, & always keep your head up. You're one step away from the life you've envisioned for yourself.

5. Share your goals with people you trust.

Now, listen. This doesn't mean share it with every single person ever. What I mean by this is that you should share your goals with someone you do trust & who will hold you accountable for following through. I think that we forget that we don't have to do things in life alone--that we have people who do want to see us succeed & prosper. If you share your goals with them, I can almost 100% guarantee that they will circle back around to you & ask you how it's coming along. Those who genuinely want to see you win will do everything they can to make sure you stay on track.

When you’re ready to fully embrace the life you’ve envisioned, you’ll set your goals, focus on them, see them through, & watch the world return you tenfold. SEE your goals. STARE them down. & FOCUS. you got it; I promise 😉💜

May your day be ever filled with love, light, and of course, an abundance of chicken tenders💜🌻✨

Cheyenne Pajardo

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