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Missing Home: How to Deal with Homesickness

Like many, my plans were interrupted because of the restrictions many states have put into effect in hopes of lessening and diminishing #covid19. I find that existing right now is both strange and slightly scary. The last time I think our country experienced something so largely was 911, and I was 5 then. I don't remember that at all. But this, this I find to be very different than that event for the sole reason that this virus is affecting more than just the US. It's affecting nearly every continent...and there's not much regular civilians can do other than #stayathome.

Had life gone to plan, I'd be in Maryland right now assisting a dance production for my favorite studio and my favorite children. It would've been my fourth day there, probably filled with lots of laughs, smiles, and tears because I cry every time my kids take the stage. I'd be enjoying their backstage talk, getting updates about their drama, eye-rolling because teenagers make life seem so difficult. But alas, God had different plans.

Needless to say, I'm homesick right now. I'm squeezing my beloved childhood stuffed animal a little extra recently.

I'm blessed in having my dad here and extended family. But, I'm missing my mom, siblings, and especially my Little Lady even more! I decided to make a small list of how to deal with homesickness if you happen to be feeling the same way!

How to Deal with Homesickness

1. Identify that you feel that way.

(Human beings are complex creatures. We feel a lot of different things and ultimately confuse one feeling for something completely different. Acknowledge that what you feel is homesickness.)

2. Focus on the positives.

(This one can be difficult because we're often in a haze when we're not feeling the good feels. By focusing on the positive, we're lifting the feeling of being homesick. The positives could be as simple as setting a date to FaceTime. It could even be that you're planning on seeing them soon! Find the little things. They are there.)

3. Keep trinkets that remind you of home.

(For me, I have a ton of little things that remind me of back east. It's like you're creating that home wherever you are. Photos are especially good for this!)

4. Call the people you're missing.

(Distance is difficult. The great thing about being alive in 2020 is that we have so much technology to keep in touch! Call, text, FaceTime, Zoom those far from you! But don't do it too often; distance builds character, & it will make you that much stronger.)

5. Give yourself time.

(We're not the most patient creatures...especially when dealing with ourselves. Give yourself the time to adjust with your new circumstances. The feeling may not dissipate immediately or right away, but it will lessen. Be patient with yourself.)

We're in this together, y'all! Sending you all my love & praying that you're able to visit home soon!

May your day be ever filled with love, light, and of course, an abundance of chicken tenders💜🌻✨

Cheyenne Pajardo

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