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Let's Get Marchin':My Top Ten Reasons to Love March

If you read my 1st of the month October #LoveNotes, then you probably remember me stating that I'm not too sure why I love that month so much. Well, here I am again saying the same thing about March! This month has been a favorite of mine for as long as I can remember.

If you're not someone who inherently gets excited about the beginnings of new months, let me help change that! Here are my Top Ten Reasons!


1. Early signs of spring!

(Growing up on the east coast, any sign of warm weather after a cold winter was the best sign to see. It's still a little chilly, but not nearly as cold or ridiculously hot. We love this!)


(People laugh when I tell them this is my second favorite holiday, but it really is. I love the utter joy that St. Patrick's Day brings. Though many forget the significance behind this day, it's still widely celebrated and brings many together.)

3. Daylight savings.

(If you like the super long days, I cannot relate. This girl lovesssss having sunshine lasting longer!)


(I may or may not have a love for basketball...who's to say. March Madness excites me because it gives us a chance to witness the amazing work players put in at a collegiate level. Who do y'all have winning this year?)

5. Smell of freshly cut grass.

(Oh, man. I know you can smell this one! If there's one thing I miss about Maryland, it's the grass and how it smells once it's cut.)

6. National Puppy Day.

(We have a day for literally everything, but how can you not love a day dedicated to puppies!? I mean, come on!)

7. Versatile dressing weather.

(It's not super hot, but it's not super cold either. March is one of the most perfect months to wear contradicting outfit pieces that are usually frowned upon during other months.)

8. Flowers make an appearance again.

(You cannot tell me you don't love the sight of flowers. The smell of them alone is enough to make your spirit smile!)

9. The ickiness of sickness starts to die down.

(I get catch colds so easily, it's not even funny. I'm sure many can relate about loving the end of winter for this reason.)

10. The end of the first quarter of a new year.

(This one may alarm many people, but for me, it excites me. It gives me a chance to check in with myself to see how far I've come with accomplishing the goals I've set. The year moves quickly, so we have to stay on top of ourselves if we want to succeed.)

I'm praying y'all have a wonderful and successful March, filled with many blessings. I'm rooting for you!

May your day be ever filled with love, light, and of course, an abundance of chicken tenders💜🌻✨

Cheyenne Pajardo

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