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How to Make a Prayer Board

When this idea was first brought to me, I thought, "What is a prayer board and why would I make one?" I have been a long time vision board maker, but the allure of a prayer board did not go unnoticed. I'm not sure when prayer boards became popular, but I am so happy I learned about them and made my own!

What is a prayer board?

In short, it's a board that displays all your prayers. Whether they be prayers for yourself, your family, your career, friends, or those you don't know, a prayer board allows you to write down the prayers you have and see them daily. Often times, we say prayers aloud or in our heads and may forget them. By having them written down and on display, they remind us that God answers.

Why make a prayer board?

Similar to what I said above, I think a prayer board is a great visual aid. While we spend time in daily prayer, it's nice to see some of our longer term prayers (or shorter!) in writing. For me, having a prayer board not only holds me accountable for praying, but it also requires me to ask the question, "Do I still trust God?" As human beings, we have a tendency to always want to be in control...especially of our time. God works outside of our understanding of time. Meaning, when we think He isn't working fast enough or He isn't doing it how we want, He in fact is working in perfect timing because He can see things (obstacles, etc) that we cannot.

How do I make a prayer board?

There are many ways to make a prayer board. Much like a vision board, a prayer board will be tailored to you. Many choose to use a cork board, but I've seen boards done on poster board and even a solid wall. I elected to use 6 square cork boards.

What do I put on the prayer board?

Your prayers, of course! Again, how the board looks is completely up to you. I used envelops and labeled them with specific categories of prayer. (Self, husband, family, future, etc.) Once I created the envelops, I took sticky notes and wrote my prayers. The sticky notes went into the appropriate envelope.

Because I had space on my board, I elected to print some Bible verses and scatter them about. Pinterest is a great place for beautifully displayed verses!

visual of prayer board

What supplies did you use?

I got everything from Amazon!

Envelopes I think from Target!

If there's even a 1% chance you're interested in making a prayer board, you absolutely should do it! There's no prayer too big or too small that God can't answer.

I love you, but Jesus loves you more. 


Reading not for you? Check out my visuals on YouTube: #ACheyMoment

youtube link for making a prayer board

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