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Happy Heart

I’m sitting at the table outside with Mommom for the fourth morning in a row. The humidity mixed between the layers of heat begins to peak through the grayness of the clouds, but it’s unsuccessful this morning; the clouds have won & leave a breeze cool enough to remind me of the beach. I’m thankful because even after 21 years of living in Maryland, I’m still not used to the stuffy, hot, & dry of summertime here. It annoys me.

We’re looking at the multitude of birds flying pass us—blue jays, cardinals, oriels—admiring how beautiful they are, despite my lack of interest in all animals that fly. But, Mommom loves them & tells me about the pair of birds she sees regularly. “A couple,” she says, “a male & a female always come over!” & her eyes light up as if that’s the most magnificent thing she sees.

She gets up to check on her mini garden she has back here. Her tomatoes & cucumbers that grow, but not fast enough for her liking. She’s impatient when she wants things done...not sure where I get this trait from...& she’s flustered that an animal ate her one good cucumber. “I can’t believe it!” I laugh, which makes her laugh, & it’s one of my most favorite sounds.

Last year, Mommom had a few health crises that changed both her & the family’s life. Her recovery was a long one, but she’s the most resilient human I know. She’s doing her daily exercises to keep her mobility in practice, & I can’t help but to smile because I am so grateful for her. She catches me staring at her, which I do often, admittedly. & she smiles. We reminisce about her life & my childhood, & I am filled with so many memories I think I might cry. How am I so blessed to call her my grandmother?

There are 2,598,960 different card combinations that can be dealt. Metaphorically speaking, you have the same amount of hands or opportunities being dealt in life. What you do with your hand is completely up to you.

I can’t ask for a better hand of cards. My glass is half full. My heart is happy. & I am sitting at the table outside with Mommom for the fourth morning in a row.

May your day be ever filled with love, light, and of course, an abundance of chicken tenders💜🌻✨

Cheyenne Pajardo

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