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Dear Mommom,

I find myself wanting to write you letters, but then I remember that you really hate reading & would probably just toss the pages aside. You'd keep them, probably in a draw, because

that's what you do with most things. You don't ever throw away stuff your grandchildren give you. I appreciate that about you.

I cry a lot when I think about you. They're never sad tears. Well, usually they aren't sad tears. They're mostly tears because I am in awe that God gave me such an incredible woman to guide me through this crazy journey that we call life. I have always felt so connected to you. I wonder if that started the day you held me for the first time. You've taught me more things than you probably remember, but when you do remember, I can see the light in your eyes. It's sorta like an unwavering sense of pride that you passed down something you loved to one of your own.

I know how to make breakfast because of to tie my to to to to love. Everything I know & understand about love begins & ends with you.

People laugh & think I'm begin dramatic when I tell them that you are my favorite person in this world.

But it's not a lie.

you really are.

You are one of the only people that I willingly talk to every day, & when we don't talk, I feel like a piece of the day has gone missing. What did I do to deserve a woman like you?

Your journey hasn't been the easiest or the most smooth sailing, but you've been courageous every step of the way. You are a fighter, a warrior, & you make me want to keep going even when I feel defeated.

I know that we won't physically exist on Earth together forever, but I plan on enjoying every second that we do have. I love you so much, Lil Lady. Thank God for another year of life with you.

Happy Birthday.

May your day be ever filled with love, light, and of course, an abundance of chicken tenders💜🌻✨

Cheyenne Pajardo

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