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April Showers

Nothing but honesty, it sort of feels that the world is falling apart right now. At the same time, though, it's refreshing in the sense that Earth is finally getting the break, rest, & reset that she deserves. It also puts life into perspective for us: many of the things that we freakout about or worry about in our day to day seem minor compared to the larger & more serious things happening around us.

I'm not exempt in having many negative thoughts during this #quarantine time. I'm a self-classified germaphobe, so my anxiety around all of this is pretty high. My worry about not just those I care about, but also those who are continuing to help & serve us all right now is high. My paranoia about stepping foot outside & sharing space is high. So, my heart goes out to all of those also experiencing similar feelings.

I wouldn't be Cheyenne if I didn't mention the flip side of all the negativity. It's easy to focus on that. It's also easy to get consumed by the negativity...especially because social media has such an influence on our daily lives, whether we choose to acknowledge it or not. I'm not saying to not feel the not-so good feelings. They're your feelings & you are entitled to feel them. What I'm challenging you to do to is to replace the bad things with good ones. I'm challenging you today to make it your Monthly Goal to name 3 positive things in your day to day life. For every one negative thing you see, speak of, or think, counter it with 3 positive things. My best practice for this is to manually write them out! Get yourself a notebook, sticky note, dry erase board, whatever!! & write it out!!

We are in this together, y'all!

Life can be pretty daunting & dark if you allow yourself to view it that way. or…you can view it as a glass half full, smile, & show gratitude. stop making excuses for your poor thoughts. replace them with wholesome & happier ones. NO ONE likes excuses. Just. Do. It.

May your day be ever filled with love, light, and of course, an abundance of chicken tenders💜🌻✨

Cheyenne Pajardo

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