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Appreciate Life: Ten Things to be Thankful for Today

First and foremost, Happy Easter to my fellow humans who celebrate and acknowledge this day! I know that if I were at my mom's, we'd be celebrating today with the family, dying eggs, and partaking in an Easter egg scavenger hunt! I can honestly say that my mom has always made holidays fun & enjoyable. If you don't celebrate Easter for the religious aspects of it, that's okay, too! I'm sure you'll find some take aways from this #lovenotes anyway.

It's still so easy to view life pessimistically right now. I can't even blame you--I find myself questioning how can we see good in any of this right now? It feels like the world is falling apart. Just as easily as I find pessimistic views on everyday life, I find optimistic ones to balance them out. What I appreciate most about the Easter season is the significance behind it. If we take out the religious aspect for a second, it boils down to us bettering ourselves as humans. We give up or acquire a new skill during the time of #Lent to better us in longevity. I'm not sure about y'all, but I am always looking for ways to better myself! This is something we can do regardless of the day and season.

Today, we're appreciating life and appreciating the sacrifices that have been made and continue to be made for the betterment of us all. Here are my Top 10 Things I'm thankful for today.

10 Things to be Thankful for Today

1. That you're breathing.

2. That you woke up.

3. You have a roof over your head.

4. You have people to call your own who love, support, & cherish you.

5. You have clothes on your back.

6. You have drinkable water.

7. You have technology to keep you connected & busy.

8. You have good health.

9. You have food.

10. Yourself. (because you are a gift & needed in this world.)

I'm here for your constant reminders to choose optimism and to find the light of every situation!

Times are tough, but you're a lot tougher, and you are capable of any and everything you set your mind to. Keep bettering yourself and inspire those around you! Give thanks always and remember that you are necessary and important.

I appreciate you.

May your day be ever filled with love, light, and of course, an abundance of chicken tenders💜🌻✨

Cheyenne Pajardo

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