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I read an article yesterday that talked about #Adulting & why #Millennials need to stop using that word. If you were born in 1996, like I was, you straddle a very unclear line of which generation you belong to. Some sites say babies born in 1996 belong to Generation Z, while others say we belong to the Millennials. So, truthfully, I'm unsure who is right & which generation we belong to. Personally, I don't think it matters a ton because we belong to these labeled generations only because 1. we were born in a certain year & 2. the people in charge of naming generations decided these were the names. Anyway, my point is....Generation Z, Generation of Millennials...who cares? We were all born, & we all live.

In the article, they talked about why #Millennials need to stop using #adulting & basically “grow up.” They mentioned that it’s a word created to basically insinuate that #Millennials are spoiled & privileged & are using the hashtag & word as an excuse to not do the things that “adults” need to do.

I reference this article only because the #Instagram picture that correlates with this post talks about me ignoring #adulting & all responsibilities...& I thought, “huh....maybe me saying that I adulted today does show that I’m privileged & have the capability to not do all things that “adults” do.” & then I thought, “1. You are privileged. You are more privileged than sometimes deserving. & 2. You don’t necessarily have to do all the things “adults” do because you have parents who aid in a large portion of your life.”

Now, I had a lot of other thoughts circulating while I read & reread my #Instagram post & then read & reread the article about killing the hashtag #adulting. But, the main thought that stuck with me is that an “adult” (& yes, I will keep adding quotations around the word) is based off of an age. Hear me out. At some point in time, society...or the person who gets to decide things...decided that once you turn a certain age, you’re an adult & should assume adult responsibilities. It’s almost as if you're expected to let go of the mindset you had as an adolescent, along with how you act, certain things you do, etc.

By definition, I'm an "adult," but I don't claim it. A lot of humans who are older than me think it's silly that I don't, that it's asinine that I "refuse to be responsible," that I don't really know the importance of xyz. But, quite frankly, I laugh at these thoughts simply because I know that they're false accusations. I agree that there are certain responsibilities & objectives that "adults" should assume, yes. But, where I struggle is that these same humans who think, feel, or say those things to me are also the same ones who have lost touch with their fun-side, their positivity, their inner-light, their youth! & that is why I refuse to accept the label "adult."

It isn't because I'm not responsible. It isn't because I'm ignorant toward growing up. It isn't because I "don't know what it means to be adult & held accountable." It's because I've seen way too many humans lose their souls & kill their spirits. I've seen their lights get knocked out. I've heard them say, "I wish I still had that type of energy & youth & excitement for life!" It's because far too many "adults" that I know are miserable & spew some of that energy onto others. & if you know nothing else about me, I am a light & will never dim.

So, it isn't that I'm refusing to accept reality or that I'm living in denial. It's that I'm tired of assumptions being made & expectations being set for us after we turn a certain age. Walt Disney said, "Growing old is mandatory, but growing up is optional." & I agree. Getting older doesn't mean we have to let go of our youth or our light-hearted spirits. Let's stop denouncing the "adults" who don't act like "adults" because....let's be real...what does a "proper adult" look or act like?

I don't believe that using the hashtag #adulting undermines the success we have in our lives. I don't think that being in your 20's & living at home makes you less of an adult. I don't think that your parents aiding to the best of their abilities makes you less of an adult either. And maybe those statements are privileged statements, but at least I acknowledge my blessings rather than ignore them. (Acknowledgement would be an "adult" thing, right?)

Let's stop judging people for every little thing they say or do or feel. Let's allow "adults" to be who they are & let's accept them. If you want to use the hashtag, use it. If you don't, don't. Who cares? & who are we to tell others that by using it , it makes them lesser than those who don't? We're all just human beings trying to find our footing in the world & if that's not #adulting....I dunno what is.

May your day be ever filled with love, light, and of course, an abundance of chicken tenders💜🌻✨

Cheyenne Pajardo

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