23 Candles

I always feel a small pinch of sadness as one year ends and another begins. The excitement to celebrate another birthday overcomes always, but moving forward after 365 days of amazing, is something I may never get used to.

I call Year 23 a year of opportunity. Like every year, it presented many lessons, several hardships, and major growth. Through it all, opportunity always presented itself to me. I am finishing Year 23 a published author of 2 collections, a blogger, and maybe it's cliche to think, but a better person, too. I could write an entire #LoveNotes about all the opportunities God has given me this past year, but the purpose of this post is share my lessons.

23 Candles

1. Your biggest critic is that voice in your mind that tells you you can't. Kick it in the nuts & remind it that you absolutely can.

2. Dance in the rain that life brings you...even if you don't have rain boots.

3. Laugh a little louder at yourself.

4. Amazing things that are worth while will take time.

5. Trust your gut.

6. There is never a wrong moment to start again or to start a new.

7. Leap off the tight rope. Safety nets are only necessary if can't trust yourself to make it to the other end.

8. Words can in fact actually hurt. Choose them wisely.

9. Sometimes it's the people you least expect it to be.

10. Human beings are far too complex. You'll have to meet people where they are sometimes.

11. You may never get the answers you look for or want. Find peace with the unknown.

12. Invest in yourself.

13. Never miss the chance to tell someone you love them.

14. A lot of life won't make sense while it's happening. Learn to be okay with it.

15. Your heart has the capacity to expand and make room for more.

16. ALWAYS eat the ice cream.

17. Adulting will always be overrated.

18. It is okay to fall apart.

19. Support the people you know the way you support major companies. For all you know, you're sitting next to the next billionaire.

20. A lot of things will be out of your control.

21. Make time for the things you truly love.

22. Though painful, letting go can be the most rewarding and liberating thing you do for yourself.

23. Everything that you need to change the world how you want to change it, to shine a light and drive out darkness, to accomplish your wildest dreams lives within the soul that your body encompasses.

23, you have been yet another dream. Thank you for prepping me for 24.

May your day be ever filled with love, light, and of course, an abundance of chicken tenders💜🌻✨

Cheyenne Pajardo

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